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Rose Garden Face Soap


A red clay colored handmade soap made with natural rose kaolin clay to gently exfoliate. Clay has been used for years in many spa treatments to remove oil and embedded cosmetics from the pores of your face. Our face soap is formulated to gently remove toxins from your face without the use of any harsh chemicals in the convenience of your home. Daily use of Kaolin clay may bring out your natural beauty and promote soft skin on your face.

Our rose garden soap is a complex blend of vegetable oil, which produces a long lasting bar of soap. The creamy lather gently cleans while moisturizing your face and body. Cocoa Butter is added to this soap and is a natural humectant, which helps your skin to absorb and retain its natural moisture, and can help reduce irritation from inflamed, itchy skin. With the natural skin softening properties of kaolin clay in our face soap, it is gentle enough to use everyday.

Our rose garden soap contains the rich moisturizing qualities of castor oil, olive oil and cocoa butter; these products are rich in vitamin D, E, and fatty acids necessary to add elasticity to your skin and sooth minor irritations. rose garden soap, with its natural glycerin is known to leave a barrier on your skin, protecting it from the harmful elements in todays world of chemical products.

We also have other popular choices of handmade soap for both men and women, our Sensual face soap is a blend of lemon, patchouli and earthy sandalwood in another awesome face soap. Lavender Oatmeal soap is another outstanding face soap which may be used by both men and women.

Our rose face soap is made, cut and trimmed by hand, there may be some variation in the size and color between individual lots, and we have no intention of misrepresenting any of our soap. Rose Garden soap has an average weight of 4.5 ounces, on occasion the soap you purchase may weigh slightly less due to the handmade characteristics.

Rose Soap

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4.5 oz. Rose Garden Face Soap    $4.49

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