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Tea Tree Pet Shampoo

Our dog soap is a natural alternative to the commercial Pet shampoo sold in stores. This dog soap is formulated to effectively deter fleas and ticks. A pet bath in this exclusive homemade formula is definitely a treat to wash in a creamy lather. Anytime your pet needs some special attention or after returning from the kennel, this pet shampoo will encourage a healthy relationship with you.

Most of the pet shampoo sold in pet stores is actually a chemical detergent. Our dog soap is actually a flea and tick shampoo formulated with a natural defense to fleas. Essential oil in this soap may rid your pet of flea and tick attacks without the use of any insecticides or other toxic chemicals. This shampoo formula contains organic Tea Tree, Lavender and eucalyptus essential oil to effectively deter a fleas.

We have homemade pet shampoo in two choices, Lavender pet shampoo to complement our Tea Tree dog shampoo.

Our Tea Tree pet soap is made, cut and trimmed by hand, there may be some variation in the size and color between individual lots, and we do not intend to misrepresent any of our soap. Pet shampoo has an average weight of 3.5 ounces, on occasion the soap you purchase may weigh slightly less due to the handmade characteristics.

Dog Shampoo

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3.5 oz. Tea Tree Pet Shampoo    $3.75

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